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Welcome to the HUBBARD Genealogy page. This site has been created to provide a forum for communication about the HUBBARD family. It contains Genealogy charts for Charles Hubbard, Sr. and his descendents, who lived in Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, California and many other states. Abstracts of many source documents are provided and there are photos of some of the early pioneers. Surnames include: Capps, Lewis, Kester, Cooley, Stark, Simpson, Cannon, Morrow, King, Lawson, Dreschler, Venable and many more. Use the convenient search function to do a search of the entire site.

This site also includes a broad range of source material for Hubbard researchers. Additional information will be added, including more early census data for Hubbards and links to other Hubbard sites. Accuracy is stressed. Information posted can be relied upon to have backup proof. If you don't see what you are looking for contact me (Kathi). I have a lot of information not yet posted.

You will find a place for comments at the bottom of each page. Please feel free to post comments and share your info on any HUBBARDS. Come back and visit often. This site will be continually updated with more HUBBARD information.

Charles HUBBARD, Sr. and Jemima Capps
Charles Hubbard, Jr.
Eli Hubbard
David Hubbard
Joseph Hubbard
The Two Josephs
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Useful HUBBARD Information

HUBBARDs in the 1790 Connecticut Census
HUBBARDs in the 1790 North Carolina Census
HUBBARDs in the 1790 Maryland Census
HUBBARDs in the 1790 New York Census

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