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Webmaster's Note:

Most of the Hubbard information at this site is from the book Descendants of Charles Hubbard and his wife Jemima by Clara Foster. It is being used with her permission and encouragement. Her goal and my goal is to promote accurate and complete information about the Hubbards with access for as many people as possible. A printed copy is available for purchase. Send an email with your name and address and Clara will contact you. (Clara is not yet on the Internet)

If any new cousins are reading this please get in touch. There was a wonderful reunion in 1998 of the descendents of the four brothers who came West on the Oregon Trail. We are always eager to meet new cousins.

Kathi Gardner

Author's Note:

When I first began considering writing a family history my first thoughts were, "what would I include and how would I like to present this information so that it would be interesting and easy to understand."

I wanted to correct any mis-information that had been published previously. So often this is repeated ad-infinitum and no one bothers to check for authenticity.

Next I wanted to include as much information about each individual as I could so that the readers would feel that they knew something about their ancestors besides the fact they were born, married, had kids and died. Fortunately I had access to several scrap books that had been kept by old timers which yielded many obituaries and articles. Also many family members shared their memorabilia with me.

And last but not least I wanted to present all of the above in an easy to follow format that non-researchers as well as seasoned researchers could follow.

I have included a portion that deals with some mis-information regarding Jemima Capps who is the wife of Charles Hubbard [Sr]. It had been reported that her maiden name was Lewis in the 1930's and has been so repeated since. Also, I wanted to sort out the two Joseph Hubbards that lived in Pike co. Ill. in the 1830's to 50's. The documentation has been included.

Clara Foster

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