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William COOK William COOK and Sally CRANE

  Husband: William COOK(1)
  Born:    24 December 1783           	in:  Saratoga County, New York
  Married: 17 January 1806         	in:  
  Died:    13 November 1859             in:  Worcester, Otsego Co., New York
  Father:  Asher COOK  	           	Mother: Helen BARCALOW
  Other Spouses: Phoebe Clark
  Wife:    Sally CRANE
  Born:    28 September 1784        	in:  Saratoga Co., New York
  Died:    01 September 1822           	in:  
  Father:  Timothy CRANE                Mother: Esther BRUEN
  Other Spouses: 
  Name:    Mary Louise COOK(8)
  Born:    15 December 1806             in:  Schoharie Co., New York
  Married: est. 1852             	in:  
  Died:    17 March 1890                in:  
  Spouse:  Frederick ALBERT
  Name:    John COOK(2)
  Born:    29 July 1808             	in:  Richmondville, Otsego County, New York
  Married: 05 February 1852     	in:  Worcester, Otsego County, New York
  Died:    13 March 1878            	in:  Worcester, Otsego County, New York
  Spouse:  Cordelia Hartwell, Celinda FULLER
  Name:    Horace COOK
  Born:    17 October 1810             	in:  Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., New York
  Married: 20 September 1843         	in:  Lancaster, Grant Co., WI
  Died:    28 June 1892         	in:  Sylvan, Richland Co., Wisconsin
  Spouse:  Mary Malvina WARD
  Name:    Giles COOK
  Born:    07 September 1812            in:  New York
  Married: 25 February 1840, after 1854 in:  
  Died:    04 April 1890            	in:  Ames, Story Co., Iowa
  Spouse:  Eliza Lucretia HUDSON, Ruth Ann COOK
  Name:    Esther Elizabeth COOK
  Born:    31 January 1815              in:  New York
  Married: 04 March 1841               	in:  Charlton, Saratoga Co., New York
  Died:    17 March 1890                in:  Wilbraham, Hampden Co., MA
  Spouse:  Luther MARKHAM
  Name:    Sarah Ann COOK(3)
  Born:    07 December 1818             in:  New York
  Married: 21 December 1837, March 1853 in:  New York
  Died:    10 January 1859           	in:  
  Spouse:  Albert HOUGHTON, Robert F. QUEAL


The will for William Cook, proven in 1860 in Worcester, Otsego Co., New York, lists 5 of his living children. It also lists the three children of his deceased daughter, Sarah Ann Cook Houghton Queal. William was born in Charlton, Saratoga Co., New York. About the time of his marriage he moved to Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., New York, for unknown reasons. The History of Richland County(4) by Judge James H. Miner, written in 1906 indicates that Horace Cook travelled West with his family to Chicago and then continued on to Wisconsin. William had a nephew, Ezra Cook, who remained in Chicago and started a religious publishing firm that still exists today(5). Robert F. Queal (widower of Sarah Ann Cook Houghton) was probably also in the group that travelled West. Robert Queal (Irving's father) was among the early executive committee members of Northwestern University(6), elected in 1869 to that post.


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  2. DAR, Vol. 105, page 15, John Cook (1808-78 m. 1852 Celinda Fuller (1820-90)
    ROBERT F. QUEAL was born July 1, 1825 in Worcester, Otsego County, New York, and died November, 1883 in Evanston, Illinois. He married (1) SARAH COOK HOUGHTON March 1853. She died 1856
  4. The History of Richland County Judge James H. Miner, 1906, pg. 374
    Ezra Sprague Cook, who was born May 11, 1811, lived as a pastor and then businessman and farmer. He came from a long line of Cook men going back to Martha Cooper and Ellis Cook, who came to America via Lynn, Massachusetts, and settled in Southampton, Long Island, in 1644.

  6. History of Early Chicago Modern Chicago and Its Settlement Early Chicago, and the Northwest by Albert D. Hager pg. 424.
  7. Will of William Cook, Vol. 11 1859-1862, Office of the Surrogate, Otsego Co., NY. Filmed by LDS 4 December 1973 Pg. 103 Being Remembered, that heretofore, to wit, on the fourteenth day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, John Cook and Luther Markham, Will In the Name of God, Amen. I William Cook, of Worcester, in the County of Otsego and State of New York, Gentleman, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, First, I resign my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping and believing in a remission of my sins by the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, And my body I commit to the Earth, to be buried at the discretion of my Executor herein after named. And my worldly Estate I give and bequeath as follows. I will, order, and direct my Executor herein after named or the survivors of them to pay all my debts and funeral expenses out of my estate. Whereas I have heretofore given and advanced to each of my three sons, John Cook, Horace Cook, and Giles Cook, the sum of five hundred dollars, and to each of my two daughters, Louisa, wife of Frederick Albert, and Esther E., Wife of Luther Markham, the sum of five hundred Dollars, and Sally Ann Queal, wife of Robert F. Queal, my youngest daughter, now deceased, two hundred dollars, I now give and bequeath three hundred dollars to the three children, William C. Houghton, Elvira Houghton & Irving Queal, of my said deceased daughter, Sally Ann, to be equally divided between them said three hundred dollars making the amount paid and devised to my said deceased daughter Sally Ann her children equal to the amount heretofore paid to my other children above mentioned. Furthermore I give and bequeath to my grandson William C. Houghton, Two Hundred dollars, and to my grand daughter Elvira Houghton, two hundred dollars to be paid to them by my Executor on their respectively arriving at the age of twenty one years old or previous to that time if their necessities shall require it, on the discretion of my Executor. Furthermore, I give and bequeath to the “American Baptist Missionary Union Society” the sum of one hundred dollars. Also, to the American and Foreign Bible Society” I give and bequeath one hundred dollars. Also, I give and bequeath to the “Baptist Education Society of the State of New York:, or as it is termed by some the “Madison University”, the sum of one hundred dollars. Also, I give and bequeath to the “American Baptist Publication Society” the sum of One hundred dollars. The five last mentioned bequests are to be paid by my Executor hereinafter named, out of my Estate, within one year after my decease, without notice to the said Societies, on proving this my last will and testament before the Surrogate, and the money to be forwarded to said societies at the cost and expense of said Societies on being notified by my said Executors that the said several sums have been bequeathed and are ready for their order. All the rest and residue of my Estate, both real and personal, whatsoever and wheresoever, of whatever kind or quality soever, the same may be and not thereinfore give and disposed of after payment of my debt, legacies and funeral expenses and expenses of settling my Estate, I do give and bequeath five sixths of the same to my five children, John Cook, Horace Cook, Giles Cook, Louisa Albert, & Esther Markham, to share and share alike, and one sixth to the heirs of my deceased daughter Sally Ann Queal, to wit. William C. Houghton, Elvira Houghton and Irving Queal, to be equally divided between them. And for the faithful and due execution of this my last will and testament, I do hereby appoint and constitute John Cook and Luther Markham of Worcester aforesaid, Executors thereof, trusting from my confiding in them resposed, that they will to the best of their ability execute the trust in their reposed recording to my real intentions herein expressed, and so as to promote the interest of all concerned. I hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the ninth day of February in the Year of our Lord, one thousand Eight hundred and fifty seven.
    Signed William Cook
    Codicil to the above will
    Whereas, I, William Cook, of Worcester, Otsego County, new York, have made my last will and testament in writing, bearing date the ninth day of Feb. 1857 in and by which I have given and bequeathed to William C. Houghton and Elvira Houghton, certain sums of money, all of which I direct my Exectors to pay to said William C. and Elvira, on certain conditions. First, the said William C. or Elvira shall, when they become of age, execute a deed of conveyance to Luther Markham, conveying all their right, title and interest in a certain piece of land situate in the town of Worcester, being the South East corner of Richard Winegard's lot containing about one eight (1/8) of an acre, for description see deed given by Chauncy Houghton to Albert Houghton for the same dated March 22, 1841. Second the said sums bequeathed to the said William C. & Elvira are to be retained in the hands of my Execturos and paid out at once or from time to time at the discretion of my said executor, whom I fully empower to do as they may think proper in paying out the sum. The bequest of one hundred Dollars to the American Baptist Home Mission Society, having been paid, is hereby revoked. Now therefore, I don by this writing, which I declare to be a codicil to my said last will & testment, it is my desire that this Codicil be made a part of my Said last will & testament to all intent & purposes.
    In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 2 day of August 1858. William Cook LS
    The above instrument, consisting of one sheet was at the date thereof, signed, sealed published and declared by the said William Cook, as and for a codicil to his last will & testament in presence of us, who, at his request and in his presence & in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. August M. Bates, residing in Worcester, Otsego County John . N. Hartwell, residing in Worcester, Otsego County In the matter of proving the last Will and Testament
    William Cook, deceased
  8. I Mary Louise Albert of the town of Ames, County of Story, State of Iowa, being of sound mind and memory, do make and declare this my last will and testament. First: After all my lawful debts and funeral expenses are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath to the following mentioned individuals and corporations the amounts that are specified with each party. To my nephew Irving Queal Two Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars – To my Nephew William Clinton Houghton, One Hundred and Twenty five Dollars. – To the last named legatees daughter Louise Houghton One Hundred Dollars – To my niece Louisa Allen Fifty Dollars. – To my Niece Louisa Linda (?) and Elvira Cook to each severally Twenty five dollars. To my Nephew W.A. Markham Thirty Five Dollars. To my brother Horace Cook of the State of Wis. Fifty Dollars – To my cousin Rev. Asher Cook now residing in Galloway Saratoga Co. New York Fifty Dollars. To Helen Maud Toll of Chicago Ill Twenty Dollars in gold – to Mrs. Simpkins wife of Rev. Thomas Simpkins now of Amsterdam N. Y. Twenty Five Dollars. To Wm Cook my Nephew of Worcester NY Twenty Five Dollars. To the 1st Baptist Church of Ames Iowa Twenty Five Dollars. To Madison University located at Hamilton Madison Co New York Two Hundred Dollars. To the American Baptist Missionary Union Two Hundred Dollars. Second: What remains of my personal estate after the above legacies have been paid I devise and direct that my executor divide the residue among the parties specified in this ?????????in the same proportion as I have arranged the amount bequeathed – with the following exceptions- I desire him to make no increase in my bequests to Madison University – To the American Baptist Missionary Union – To the 1st Baptist Church of Ames Iowa To Helen Maud Toll of Chicago Ill. – To Mrs. Simpkins or to Horace Cleveland of New York et al. Third: I hereby nominate and appoint D.A. Bigelow of Ames Iowa executor of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this 2nd day of June 1883.
  9. Last will and Testament of, Frederick Albert Deceased
    I Frederick Albert of the town of Worcester County of Ostego (sic) and state of New York being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testment that is to say
    1st After all my lawful debts and funeral expenses are paid and discharged, I give devise and bequeath to my executors hereafter nominated and appointed Four Hund dollars, Three hundred and fifity of which to be paid out and expended by them in the purchase of a monument to be placed on my lot in Maple Grove Cemetery in said Town of Worcester, and Fifty dollars to said Maple Grove Association to be by them or the proper Officer of said association placed at interest on good security the interest of which to be used and expended by them on keeping my lot in said cemetery and the monument be placed there in good order.
    2nd I give devise and bequeath to my wife Mary Louisa Albert all the rest and residue of my real and personal estate of every name or kind, to be by her and appropriated and expended or so much thereof as she may deem necessary for her comfort support and happiness during her life, at her decease what remains unexpended for her support as aforesaid – I give and devise and bequeath as follows viz: To my daughter Emdie (????) Aneilin (?????) I give and bequeath promissory note of three hundred dollars and the unpaid interest that is unpaid on said note I hold against her bearing date April 1st 1875 and signed by my said daughter and her husband.
    3rd I give and bequeath to my grand son James Martin Two Hundred dollars and to my Grand Daughter Addie Bates Two Hundred Dollars.
    4th I give and bequeath to my Grand Son Harlem and Frederic Albert One Hundred dollars each to share and share alike.
    5th What remains of my real and personal estate after the above legacies are paid I give and bequeath on third part to my son Fredrick Albert and his heirs. One third to my Daughter Amelia (??????) and her heirs, and the remaining one third to the children and their heirs of my daughter Jane Bates deceased and to share and share alike.
    Likewise I make constitute and appoint my wife Mary Louisa Albert Executrix and Seneca B. Hartwell Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. I hereby authorize my Executors to sell at private or public sale any or all of my real estate that I may ??? ???? at any time they may think proper.

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